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Do you know, what most WEALTHY people do?

First, they get into STOCKS,
then they start a BUSINESS,
and then they get REAL ESTATE.

Hello, Investors or Traders (who now know what wealthy people do).

It is well known that where the focus goes, the energy flows.

So why not focus on one thing at a time? Why not try to master the first thing the richest people are doing?

Yes! I am talking about getting into stocks i.e. knowing (literally) from A to Z about the stock market.

When I started acquiring knowledge about the stock market, I faced a problem: there was everything on the internet, but it was so disorganized that I was confused about where to start.

During this journey (and I’m still on it), I bought a lot of courses ranging from expensive to courses that many people don’t know about. In addition to courses, I have read dozens if not hundreds of blogs and books about the stock market, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

While learning from these courses, books, blogs and videos, I used to get nostalgic at times.

Remember your school days; We all had a friend to whom we used to ask questions about a concept or topic that the teacher had just covered in the lecture. No doubt, the teacher put his 100% during the lecture. But, that friend could have simplified any topic in such a way that it didn’t look like we were in the lecture again, it looked like he/she was gossiping with us.

May I ask you a question: Will you let me be the explainer-cum-gossiper-friend in this stock market subject?

There are hundreds of thousands of teachers outside; We are all their students and as a student, I have failed many times in the subject of the stock market. But during this failure, I kept writing down all the basics and strategies in my notes and decided to give that notebook a name: Financegossips.

The extra ‘s’ in the word – Financegossips – signifies that whenever you come to me to ask about any particular topic, we will not only cover that topic but also dive deep into everything related to it, so that you don’t have to go to the staff room to ask the teacher again about anything else about that topic.

Who am I?

Hello again, I’m PAVAN NAYAK (a financegossiper like you).

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