CarDekho Business Model: Amit Jain’s Secret Sauce Revealed

cardekho business model

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CarDekho Business Model: Backgound

CarDekho is the product of GirnarSoft, and it is a web portal that has anything and everything related to the automobile industry. CarDekho owners are Amit and Anurag, both IITians. They provide many services related to the industry.

CarDekho company details suggest that it had its inception in 2008 and its headquarters are in Jaipur, India. The company has over 2000 employees who work towards providing a smooth and hassle-free experience to customers when it comes to buying and selling cars.

CarDekho parent company provides an extensive range of services, including car research, car comparison, and news related to the automobile industry. Amit Jain, CarDekho CEO, ensures that “room history,” where all the news related to a used car is provided, is provided.

What is CarDekho Business model?

CarDekho revenue model is based on various models, including B2C and C2C. The company serves as a knowledge-based eCommerce website. It is an innovative business model where car dealers are allowed to list their cars for free in the classified section.


Indirectly, it encourages them to avail themselves of the certification services as it helps them sell the car faster and at a better price.

The company also offers financial services to aid customers, like an instant car loan and car insurance schemes. These financial services are presented by CarDekho in association with Berkshire Insurance and, respectively.

The business model of is more or less like a virtual car dealer that is technically sound, updated, and most importantly, provides an effortless 360-degree experience to the customers.

CarDekho claims that they are working actively with 4000 new auto dealerships and 3000 used car dealers in India.


Infographic of CarDekho Business Model

cardekho business model
Business Model of CarDekho

Cardekho Business Model: Strategy

Is CarDekho profitable or not? This is the question that often crops up. In this regard, the company has gone on to incorporate a series of strategies.

  • Search engine optimisation: companies rely heavily on optimising their websites and content for search engines like Google. The company uses targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and backlinks to ensure that the website remains at the top of the search engine rankings with relevant keywords.
  • Social media marketing: CarDekho has an esteemed presence on various social media marketing channels. The company uses these platforms to share its content, promote its services, and engage with its audience.
  • Content marketing: the company relies on high-quality content such as car reviews, comparisons, and news articles. This would enable them to engage with the audience and attract new users to the platform.

In the words of CarDekho CEO, all the business strategies are aimed at attracting a larger audience. The aim is to promote their brands and services while engaging with the users. The company relies on the use of various marketing channels to achieve its marketing goals.

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Competitors of CarDekho Business Model

There are many marketplaces that deal in the same automobile industry as of CarDekho and have the same target audience, such as:

  • Droom
  • Quikr
  • Cars24
  • Olx

How does Cardekho Make Money ?

The business model of provides an interactive platform to search for and find the right car of your choice. This is how CarDekho generates leads for car dealers.


They tend to work with thousands of car dealers all over the country and are paid for every lead that they generate. Generating leads for dealers is one of the company’s important sources of revenue.


CarDekho is able to attract advertisers from car manufacturers to rev up interest in the cars.

Trustmark certification


Trustmark is a used car certification model and warranty programme under the CarDekho model. It is a certificate that endorses the quality of the car used. This is based on the checks done by CarDekho engineers.

They are known to be working with numerous car dealers to accord Trustmark certification to used cars being sold by them. They end up making money by charging them for the services provided.

This provides solace in knowing how does CarDekho make money.

Benefits of the Cardekho business model

The unique selling point of CarDekho is the website where users can filter details about cars based on their user name and other specifications. No wonder the benefits of the Cardekho company valuation are expected to touch new levels in the coming years.


The option of comparing four cars side by side gives a clear idea of the pros and cons of each car. Another highlight of CarDekho is the section on used cars.

Here you can look up second-hand cars based on city and their price evaluation.

Future plans for Cardekho

CarDekho is an Indian online car marketplace that is a perfect platform for buying and selling old and new cars.

As part of their future plans, CarDekho founders have come up with a series of new measures.

  1. An increasing demand for online car marketplaces: With the rise of the internet and the increasing use of the internet for shopping, more and more people are turning to online platforms like CarDekho to buy and sell cars.
  2. Expansion into new markets: CarDekho has already expanded its operations into various countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It is likely to expand into new markets in the immediate future.
  3. Rising car ownership rates: Since more and more people in India tend to become economically stable, there is a growing demand for cars. CarDekho revenue is expected to rise due to its penetration into new markets.
  4. Diversification of services: the company has already diversified its services to include insurance, financing, and other related services. It is likely to expand its services with the aim of becoming a one-stop solution for all your automobile needs.
  5. Technological advancements: the company has already started using AI and machine learning to enhance its platform. It is going to be a personalised experience for the users. The trend is expected to rise as technology continues to advance, leading to future growth and progress for CarDekho business model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CarDekho Business Model

Wrap up on CarDekho Business Model

To sum up, the future of CarDekho looks bright, with strong potential for growth and expansion.

As the demand for cars and online marketplaces continues to rise, CarDekho is poised to capitalise on these trends and become a leader in the industry.

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