Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Which one to Avoid?

zerodha vs sharekhan comparison

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Compare Zerodha vs Sharekhan, Brokerage Charges of Zerodha vs Sharekhan, Sharekhan vs Zerodha Brokerage Charges, Zerodha vs Sharekhan Comparison

When it comes to online trading, choosing the right broker is essential for the success of your investments.

Two popular brokers in India are Zerodha and Sharekhan; in this article, we’ll compare Zerodha vs Sharkehan based on various criteria so you can decide which is best suited for you.

The parameters I decided for Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison are:

  1. Sharekhan vs Zerodha Brokerage Charges
  2. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Plan Types
  3. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Customer Service
  4. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Maintenance Fees
  5. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Trading Platforms
  6. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Mobile App
  7. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Margin/Leverage
  8. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Demat Account Opening Process
  9. Zerodha vs Sharekhan comparison: Investment Options, Features, and Benefits

Let’s compare Zerodha vs Sharekhan:

Sharekhan vs Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Brokerage plans are an important factor in determining the success of your trades.

Here are the brokerage charges of Zerodha vs Sharekhan:


  • Zerodha offers a flat brokerage rate of Rs. 20 per trade regardless of size


  • Sharekhan charges a percentage-based fee from 0.1% to 0.5% of trade value, depending on the type of deal.

🎉Winner ➤ Zerodha. Its flat brokerage rate is more cost-effective and transparent than Sharekhan’s variable percentage-based brokerage.


Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Plan Types

Both brokers offer various plans to meet the diverse needs of investors.


  • Zerodha offers two primary plans, the discount brokerage plan and the traditional brokerage plan; the former offers the lowest fees in the market while providing research and advisory services.


  • Sharekhan has three plans – classic plan, prepaid brokerage plan, and trade tiger plan – each providing research and advisory services and discounted brokerage rates when paid in advance.

🎉Winner ➤ It depends on your investment needs. If you’re new to investing or have a limited budget, Zerodha’s discount brokerage plan is an ideal fit. On the other hand, if research and advisory services are necessary to make an informed decision, Sharekhan’s classic plan may be more suitable.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Customer Service

In case you experience difficulties while trading, reliable customer support is paramount.


  • Zerodha offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat, and their team is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM-6 PM.


  • Sharekhan provides similar support via phone, email, and live chat from 8 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 6 PM on weekends.

🎉Winner ➤ Sharekhan has been declared the winner, offering their customer support team extended hours (including weekends) to give investors greater accessibility and flexibility.


Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees refer to fees charged by brokers for maintaining your trading account.


  • Zerodha does not charge any maintenance fees


  • Sharekhan charges an annual maintenance fee of Rs. 400.

🎉Winner ➤ Zerodha. Without maintenance fees, investing with Zerodha becomes more cost-effective for investors.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Trading Platforms

Both brokers offer a selection of trading platforms to suit the needs of different investors.


  • Zerodha provides Kite Web, Kite Mobile, and Kite Connect API


  • Sharekhan’s trading options include Trade Tiger, Sharekhan App, and Mini.

🎉Winner ➤ It comes down to your trading preferences. Zerodha’s platforms are user-friendly and intuitive, making it simpler for beginners to trade. On the other hand, Sharekhan’s platforms provide more comprehensive features and functionalities, which make them suitable for more experienced traders.


Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Mobile App

Mobile trading has become increasingly popular, and having a reliable mobile app for investors who prefer trading while they’re out and about is essential.


  • Zerodha’s Kite Mobile offers an intuitive interface with access to charting tools, order management, and portfolio tracking features.


  • Sharekhan also has a mobile app with similar functionalities, such as a market watch, live streaming of stock prices, and portfolio management.

🎉Winner ➤ Zerodha’s mobile app is more user-friendly and provides a superior trading experience than Sharekhan’s.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Margin/Leverage

Margin and leverage are critical for investors seeking to maximize their profits when trading stocks.


  • Zerodha provides margins of up to 20 times for intraday trades and 3.33 times for delivery trades.


  • Sharekhan allows traders a margin of 33 times for intraday trades and 5 times for delivery trades.

🎉Winner ➤ Sharekhan. Its higher margin offering gives investors greater flexibility and the potential for greater returns.


Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Demat Account Opening Process

Opening a demat account is the initial step in starting your online trading journey.


  • Zerodha offers an entirely digital account opening process that takes only 15 minutes


  • Sharekhan requires investors to fill out physical forms and submit them directly at a Sharekhan branch location.

🎉Winner ➤ Zerodha. Its online account opening process is more efficient and faster, making it simpler for investors to begin trading.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Investment Options, Features, and Benefits

When selecting an online broker, investment options, features, and benefits should be considered.

Both brokers provide investment solutions such as equity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, and bonds



  • Zerodha’s features include bracket orders, cover orders, and margin trading


  • Sharekhan provides research and advisory services, market insights, and trading recommendations.

🎉Winner ➤ It depends on your investment preferences. Zerodha offers more trading flexibility and options, while Sharekhan’s research and advisory services may be advantageous for investors who require guidance and recommendations.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Table of Comparison

Brokerage plansDiscountClassic
Plan typesFixed and variableFixed
Customer serviceGoodAverage
Maintenance feesNoneRs. 400 per year
AMCRs. 300 per yearRs. 400 per year
Trading platformsKite, Console, CoinTrade Tiger, Sharekhan App
Mobile appKite MobileSharekhan App
Margin/leverageUp to 20x for intradayUp to 33x for intraday
Up to 3.33x for deliveryUp to 5x for delivery
Demat account openingEntirely onlineTraditional physical form
Investment optionsEquity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, bondsEquity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, bonds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Zerodha vs Sharekhan Comparison

Wrap Up on Zerodha vs Sharekhan Comparison

In conclusion, Zerodha and Sharekhan are excellent brokers; your selection depends on your investment needs and preferences.

Zerodha’s discount brokerage plan and user-friendly platform make it an attractive option for new investors or those with a limited budget.


Conversely, Sharekhan’s classic plan with higher leverage may be better suited if research and advisory services are necessary.

It is essential to thoroughly research and compare different brokers before deciding.

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